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Our Moto: “Sky is not even the limit to us, we live in a reality where edge of the ever- expanding space is the limit and we will taste its ambrosia”.

AIROS is a Software and Technology Company of Bangladesh established in 1 Jan, 2018. Meaning of AIROS is Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Software. Our aim is to develop and offer customized software and technology of any kind to the market which will define AIROS in Bangladesh and Internationally.

It is not a typical company which works intensively to make unique product. We focus on the functionality and aesthetic of any product for complete customer satisfaction.


Our work is challenging in a way because we are not making conventional or a typical software, we will create technology itself so we will create and innovate all the time.

Our passion is Science, technology, innovation, creation and make very complex system simplified so that it can be user friendly and easy to navigate. Imagination and productivity goes hand to hand in AIROS.


We want our customer to be more productive so their work efficiency increases and continue to increase for near future. In near future we want to lead the technology and software industry of Bangladesh. So, we want our product to be errorless. It is a personal commitment to the customer and market. Our target is to make a revolution to the industry.

Work principle:

AIROS is based on “First Principle” not analogy. “First Principle” means AIROS will solve the problem by identifying the variables of the problems then solve it one by one in chronological pattern.