Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence branch is a standalone branch dedicate to develop Algorithm and A.I. Our target is to make state of the art A.I in Bangladesh and sell it to different company or platform. Future plan is to develop “Strong A.I” and “Solve Turing Test”.


Robotics is a standalone branch where robotic equipment, electronic hardware and components will get develop for products and projects. Our main focus is to develop hardware system for community people and solve their problems and make life easier.

Software Development

Software is a standalone brunch here we are working on different software like Inventory Management, Management Information System, Business Software and many more. We also develop costumed software of any type based on our customer’s preference.


Nucleus is a unique standalone brunch where all 3 brunches above mentioned come together and collaborate to create world changing product and complete world changing projects.



Still now Bangladesh not exploring the sector of game industry specially in south-pacific region to its fullest. Our plan is to establish a game industry where we will become the homing beacon of game development. AIROS target is not limited to android games or PC games. We want to create story centric games with polish graphics and integrated artificial intelligence to make gamers experience out of the world. Game Lab is a high functioning state of art tech lab to develop games. Our market penetration strategy for game is unique.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

Future is about, Augmented and Virtual Reality Age so we will develop and make invent technology.


Idea is take concept and inspiration form the nature and develop concept and idea for tech and community development.

Sound Lab

In this lab we will create sound for high media production and will penetrate the international market and will dominate the south pacific region. changing projects.

Security intelligence

This department dedicate to make secure protocol, firewall and anti- hacking software tool for AIROS and other companies.

Physics Lab:

In this lab we will develop and perfect theory of fundamental devices for technology.

Tech Consultancy

We are here to consult, help and advice to develop tech to any interested party.

Community Based development

ITech sector to develop cheap and easy tech or technique to make people’s life easier.

Biology Lab

Biology lab is built to do biological experiment to research about medicine and Hi-tech treatment for people.